ST PETERSBURG, Fla. - The headlines are misleading.

Many news outlets reported that Wednesday's tragedy in Parkland is the country's 18th school shooting this year.

The number comes from Everytown For Gun Safety, a non-profit that uses research to reduce gun violence and is known for their school shooting tally.

But their number isn't indicative of how school shootings are typically defined.

Some examples from their map:

  • A bullet hit a window and file cabinet at a Seattle high school. No shooter was found and no one was injured.
  • A school resource officer in Minnesota was talking to a group of third graders while sitting on a bench when one of the students pulled the trigger of his gun, which was in the holster. No one was injured.

When taking away instances where no one was hurt, there's eight examples.

But when excluding incidents with intentional injuries, including suicides and shootings not involving students (following a Washington Post article challenging their inclusion of a suicide outside a closed Michigan school, the group reduced their number to 17), there's four left:

  • A student in Texas aimed at one student, but ended up hitting another.
  • Two Maryland teenagers were arguing in a parking lot when shots were fired.
  • In Kentucky, a 15-year-old opened fire on other students, killing two and injuring several.
  • Wednesday's shooting in Parkland, Fla.