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When it comes to cost of living, Arlington and Plano lead North Texas

A new analysis takes a look at how North Texas cities compare against other metros for affordability.

North Texas has a reputation for having more affordable cities than other parts of the country, and a recent cost of living analysis reflects that.

Arlington, Plano and Fort Worth ranked in the top 30 when measuring cities that have the lowest cost of living, according to the analysis from Move.org.

Move.org analyzed data from the 75 largest cities in the U.S. to see which had the most affordable cost of living and which were the most expensive.

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Arlington ranked highest in North Texas at No. 12 with average monthly expenses of $1,520.29. Plano came in at No. 24 nationwide and No. 2 in North Texas with average monthly expenses of $1,672.87, Move.org wrote.

Austin was the only city in Texas that ranked lower than Dallas at No. 57, according to Move.org.

To see a breakdown of average expenses for all 75 cities, click here.

Average monthly expenses consisted of measurements that consisted of the following:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment
  • Utilities (electricity, water, etc.)
  • Internet
  • Gasoline
  • Food (groceries plus occasional restaurant meals)
  • Among North Texas cities, Dallas ranked lowest – meaning that it had the highest cost of living in the region – with average monthly expenses of $1,991.98, ranking at No. 41 out of 75.

El Paso ranked as the least expensive among all cities in the U.S. with average monthly expenses setting residents back $1,182.96.

At the other extreme, San Francisco boasts the highest cost of living: $4,210.60 on average a month. The bulk of that goes to rent, which averages out to $3,396.62 a month for a one-bedroom apartment, according to the analysis.

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