North Texans Uber to American Airlines Center more than any other site in Dallas, minus hotels and airports.

Speaking of airports, Dallas Love Field draws more Uber users than Dallas-Fort Worth International.

And Happiest Hour is the Dallas bar that keeps the rideshare giant busiest.

Those are some takeaways from Uber's newly-released look at Dallas’ top destinations of 2017. Many of them will look familiar to the business crowd, as major hotels that double as conference centers unsurprisingly attract a great deal of rideshare activity.

Among restaurants, the Dallas area saw significant change from Uber’s 2016 list of the top restaurant destinations.


As Uber’s user base has grown, the company has amassed an otherworldly amount of data, which can offer glimpses into our social behavior. It has made a push to share more of that data throughout the last two years; lists that tout top destinations only scratch the surface.

Austin’s Zilker Park was the number one Uber destination across Texas last year, minus hotels and airports.

Across the country, the most popular time for people to take an Uber was on Saturday night at 11 p.m., the company said. The most Ubers were taken on October 28, Halloween Saturday.

People in Mississippi stay out the latest, while New Jerseyites get up earliest.

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