A federal judge has thrown out a potential class-action lawsuit claiming Starbucks short-changed customers by underfilling lattes and mochas to save money on milk.

The plaintiffs argued that Starbucks lattes were approximately 25 percent underfilled and that the cups the drinks were served in could not have contained the volume of drink Starbucks advertised.

Reuters reports U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said there was not enough evidence to show Starbucks cheated customers, whether by making cups too small; having "fill to" lines on milk pitchers that did not measure up to the proper volume; ordering baristas to skimp on ingredients, or; leaving a quarter-inch of space before the top of the cup.

Rogers also reportedly rejected a claim that milk foam should not count toward the drink volume Starbucks advertises, saying that a reasonable person should expect foam to take up some of the volume.

Starbucks reportedly argued that the "fill to" lines are to show baristas how much cold milk can be used. The volume then expands when the milk is steamed.