Eighteen-year-old Jazmine Torres was accepted to the University of Colorado Boulder. 

“I got accepted to four universities and Boulder is my dream school,” said Torres. 

The out-of-state school will cost about $50,000 a year. Torres filed for FASA, but in the meantime she and her mother are on the hunt for scholarship money. 

“We are heavily relying on any type of scholarship money that is out there,” said Torres’s mother.  

There is roughly $46 billion in scholarship money awarded each year by the Department of Education.

Anam Iqbal, assistant director of freshman admissions at the University of North Texas' Denton campus, encourages high school freshmen to start looking for scholarships. She says the average student can win about $1,000 to $5,000. 

“Students should set up appointments with their high school guidance counselors immediately because they will help you figure out what scholarships you are eligible for to get free money." 

Websites like Peterson’s, Unigo and Fastweb can help you find scholarships that do not depend solely on academic performance or financial need. 

For example, you can win a $30,000 college scholarship to doodle for Google.

"It's not just the athletes that get money. It's not just the super smart kids that get money. The average student gets money too,” said Iqbal. 

Be sure to visit the websites of your school of choice. There’s often an admissions page that offers departmental and external scholarships. 

“Look for money in your community too,” said Iqbal. “There are so many scholarships that local cities have or local organizations have and they are posted on their city or county websites.” 

College bound Jazmine has dedicated about two hours a day to scholarship research, but it’s worth it to try to win money for her dream school.