Sitting on the sidelines waiting to refinance? 

Considering where interest rates have been lately, it might be game time. 

A firm that keeps track of all our mortgages says between eight to 10 million American homeowners could save money with a refi. If you don’t know where to begin, here is a calculator that can give you a rough idea.

Time to take stock?

 What are the big wig corporate insiders doing? According to reports, they are selling the stock they have in their own companies at the fastest pace since 2000. Some experts who watch this say it could be a sign those on the inside have uneasiness about how their business will do. It can also be a sign that they are worried about certain of the economy, or the stock market in general could be due for a pullback. 

If you’re invested in stocks, maybe with an IRAS or 401k, watch this. This could be a canary in a coal mine…or perhaps it’s just coincidental cashing in on a grand scale.

Drought has been creeping into North Texas.

I have personally been watering more. But my recent water bills were beyond bloated. I paid them but then I did some digging—literally. 

I found a leak in the sprinkler system and fixed it. Even better, I showed proof of the repair to the water department and got a chunk of my money back. 

If you discover and fix a leak, many water utilities will reimburse you. Here is info for Fort Worth, Dallas, Frisco, Plano: Call the Utility Services Office at (972) 941-7105.

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