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Right on the Money 9/24/19

Texas ranks 3rd in U.S. for international home buyers. More Americans qualify for OT pay. American Airlines moves into a new home...but many twenty-somethings can't.

DALLAS — Here's your Right on the Money roundup for this week.

International Househunters

If you could buy a home anywhere in the world where would it be? A number of foreign buyers are emphatically saying Texas, according to a report by Texas Realtors

Texas is third in the country behind California and Florida in terms of homes sold to international buyers. Investors from outside the U.S. added $7.8 billion to the Texas economy as they snatched up 18,310 homes in this state between April 2018 and March 2019. Texas is especially popular with buyers from Mexico and India.

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Overtime, Overtime

When the whistle blows, do you keep working? And if so, do you get overtime? You will now, if you make $35,568 or less. The previous mark was closer to $24,000. About 1.3 million more U.S. workers will qualify for OT pay under this new Trump administration rule. It replaces an Obama administration rule that would’ve nearly doubled the salary that would be eligible for overtime. Under that version, nearly 5 million more workers would’ve been eligible for overtime pay. But that measure was struck down by a judge in Texas.

American Airlines' new Fort Worth digs

Plenty of legroom here. The Dallas Business Journal has a slideshow of American Airlines' sprawling new headquarters in Fort Worth. The place is so enormous, they even offer American Airlines branded bikes to get around. Other cool features include streams fed by condensation from the air conditioning system, a giant sculpture made of seatback safety cards, and oversized seat belt art.

Stay-at-home kids?

It might be time to reset that countdown clock. Zillow says our children are taking longer to launch. The firm reports that in Dallas, in 1980, the average age to set out on your own was 21. By 2000 it ticked up to 22. Now, on average, our kids are living with us until they're 25. As independence becomes more costly, the nest gets more comfy.

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