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Texas was No. 2 most moved to and most moved away from state in 2021, report says

Move.org surveyed 1,000 people who moved this year to learn more about where and why Americans moved.

TEXAS, USA — According to a new report, a lot of people are moving to Texas – but a lot of people are leaving the Lone Star State too.

Move.org's "State of Moving in 2021" report analyzed where and why Americans moved this year. The moving help website conducted a survey of 1,000 people who moved in 2021 and found that roughly 20% of Americans moved this year.

Twenty percent of the respondents to Move.org's survey moved to another state, an increase of six percentage points over 2020. 

Through its analysis, Move.org concluded that Texas was the No. 2 state that people moved to and the No. 2 state that people moved away from. The study said that isn't unusual: almost all of the states that people moved away from the most were also popular destinations for movers.

According to the report, the No. 1 state people moved to was Florida and the No. 1 state people moved away from was California.

The report also found that 43% of the survey respondents moved within the same city, 35% moved to a new city but stayed in the same state, 20% moved to a different state and 2% moved to a different country. The report also found that 75% of respondents moved less than 1,000 miles away from their old homes.

In addition to where people moved, the report looked at why they moved. Move.org analyzed respondents' primary motivations for moving in 2021 and found that 34% moved for family reasons (marriage, closeness to relatives, etc.), 20% moved for lifestyle preferences, 26% moved for career reasons and 20% moved for economic reasons. Secondary reasons for moving included better culture and better weather, climate change, lower taxes and lower living costs and political reasons.

Check out Move.org's full report to learn more.


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