Today the brightest bargain in the country can easily lead the way during a storm, black-out or emergency situation. The deal that I've hunted down for you today was the most requested item during last month's tragic and catastrophic hurricanes.

I was personally involved with hurricane relief efforts and this is a topic that hits close to home for me. I was unable to provide any deal recommendations when so many of you were asking for emergency lanterns and LED systems. Finally, with stock now available and prices at their lowest, I have some savings to impart.

Click the play button to see my two favorite LED Emergency Lantern and Flashlight systems in action.

While there are many identical models available for lower prices, the onces that I found INCLUDE batteries, are fully collapsible, they are brighter and more durable than every competing model we sampled at slightly lower prices.

Features Include:

- Blackout ready, storm ready and ideal for any emergency situation
- Collapsible lanterns each include 30 low powered super-bright LED's
- Can be hung with handles or used as a stand
- Tremendous for tents, camping, outdoor activities and dark nights
- 60 lumens of 360 degree omni directional light emitting design
- Tested brighter and more power efficient than competitors at slightly lower prices

60% Off TWO Pack Portable LED Lanterns With Batteries Included + Prime Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $19.99
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Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.