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Things we're buying during the pandemic: latex gloves, bread makers and ping pong balls

Market research firm releases data on how consumer online shopping trends have changed during the pandemic

DALLAS — Lots of things are changing in our world, including the products we buy online.

New market research shows, while sheltering in place, our shopping patterns have gone through some noticeable changes.

The research firm Stackline compiled sales info from March that shows the highs and lows of changing consumer habits.

The two clear winners are online sales for disposable gloves with sales up 670% -- because germs. 

Then, with America's newfound love of baking, bread machine sales are up 652%. 

But good luck finding one. The top bread maker, as reviewed by the website Wirecutter, is the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso and Amazon says it's "currently unavailable." 

Other trends! 

We're buying lots more fitness products. Sales of weight training equipment is up 307%.

Ping pong anyone? Sales for the classic game are up 89%. 

Home office products are in-demand like keyboards and office chairs, which are up 89%, and computer monitors are up 172%. 

The big losers are travel accessories. They’re getting hammered.

The three biggest sales slumps are for luggage, which are down 77%, briefcases are also down 77%, and cameras are down 64%.

Sporting goods are also hurting. For example, snorkeling gear sales are down 56%, golf clubs are down 33%, and camping equipment is down 39%. 

Honestly -- who’s planning a camping trip right now? 

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