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Build-A-Bear Workshop is offering another significant deal less than a year after one of its sales packed malls across the country.

Customers who are members of the retailer's Build-A-Bear Bonus Club can pay $5.50 to create a bear in one of three styles in stores on Sunday and Monday. Build-A-Bear Workshop projects typically start at $12. Customers are limited to six bears total, qualities are limited and the price does not include taxes.

The offer is part of an event the store is offering for National Hug Day — also called National Hugging Day.

In July Build-A-Bear held a "Pay Your Age" sale which was so popular it led the retailer to close lines at its stores and later apologize to its customers. Even before the stores opened for sale, long lines caused the company to publish a notice on social media that it would limit the number of people who could take advantage of the deal due to safety concerns.  


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