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‘The calls are still coming’: Why corporate relocations keep coming to Dallas-Fort Worth

COVID-19 is reshaping corporate relocations in important ways. But D-FW is still seeing a lot of activity during the pandemic.
Credit: Dallas Business Journal

DALLAS — Texas, especially Dallas-Fort Worth, has long been a magnet for corporate relocations and major expansions, but COVID-19 is reshaping that in important ways. To find out how, the Dallas Business Journal interviewed Ed Curtis, founder and CEO of YTexas, a Texas-based business network, that connects and supports companies that are relocating, expanding and growing in the Lone Star state.

What has been the pandemic’s effect on corporate relocations to Texas and to D-FW specifically? 

"Increased interest for sure. While I’m not on the front lines of getting the inquiry calls, I do communicate with those who do, and they say the calls are still coming. Obviously we get the Teslas and all those that hit the newspaper, but there are a lot of smaller companies that are picking up and moving here. They don’t necessarily hit the papers, but I’m definitely seeing and feeling that traffic."

What are some examples of those companies? 

"Buff City Soap and Dasan Zhone Solutions. Both of those are coming to the North Texas area and announced this year. Then a company called Eatery Essentials. Eatery Essentials is capitalizing on our consumer-packaged goods industry. Buff City Soap and Dasan Zhone Solutions are in the manufacturing sectors."

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