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Right on the Money: Here's how renters could save a little money right now

With a drop in potential new renters, there are a few ways you could save. Current renters could try renegotiating by shopping around for competitve prices.
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There is a new change.org petition calling for a rent freeze in Dallas because of closures and financial uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apartment landlords are facing a lot of uncertainty too. 

Richardson-based RealPage, which conducts research in this area, said in a recent article there's been a 15% drop in apartment website visits by potential new renters. And they predict interest in apartments will drop even further with so many people are under stay at home orders. 

Basically, that could mean lower demand for apartments. 

RealPage is advising apartment operators: Don’t panic and don’t slash rates--which means some of them might be panicking a little and might consider slashing rates. 

If you are trying to get rent relief: Try to renegotiate right now. If you have to, shop around. You might find competitive prices. And maybe your property will match another property's offer. 

RealPage is also suggesting apartment managers sign you to longer leases. So if you suggest a longer term, your apartment leasing office may be more willing to cut you a better deal.

About those taxes

We know tax filing has been put off until mid-July. If you are due a refund, you should file now. The tax agency is putting off most audits, because of what it calls a 'People First Initiative' during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Another break: if you are still paying off taxes from a prior year, you don’t have to pay those installments from April-July. 

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