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Target, Walmart, Amazon competing for new hires with better pay, benefits

Retailers in North Texas aren't just competing for your dollars this holiday season. They hope to one-up each other to hire more help.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Retailers in North Texas aren't just competing for your dollars this holiday season. They hope to one-up each other to hire more help. 

Right now, big-box retailers like Target are very serious about hiring, offering competitive wages and other incentives to get people in the door.

One Arlington Target store is looking to beef up its retail staff as soon as possible. Managers expect a busy end of the year, especially since they've already stocked Christmas and holiday items they know will fly off the shelves.

Troy Galer is really a living testimony when it comes to growing with a company like Target. He's a store director in Arlington.

Galer said the company has never been in a better position when it comes to offering new hires the best deals, even in their entry-level positions.

"We start out at $15 an hour, and for the weekend we offer a $2 differential," he said.

Target wants the cream of the crop working in its stores, so they're not only offering better wages but are adding other incentives, Galer said. The retail giant's marketing team has even gotten creative when it comes to recruiting. Anyone who calls the store hears this invite on the recording before being routed to an employee or certain department:

"We're now hiring. If you're interested in joining our team, we'd love to talk to you."

After about 18 years with Walmart, Arlington Store Manager Lonnie Brown has had a great retail career. He didn't necessarily plan to go into management, but there are lots of opportunities for people looking for part-time work, full-time work and careers. 

"I have been able to raise a young family as a Walmart employee," Brown said. "I love it." 

Like many of his associates, Brown started out as an hourly employee. But he said the competitive wages and benefits Walmart offers today are nothing like ever before.

"We have full-time and part-time available right now from $13 to $15 an hour for various positions in the store," Brown said.

The hiring competition goes way beyond retail and wages. Many companies are adjusting to what employees need and want in order to recruit them to their teams.

Amazon got creative in a recent ad, showing it will go as far as meeting employee demands like paying tuition. They're not alone; Bown and Galer said Wamart and Target will do that, too.

"There is college tuition available to the associate, there is no cost to the employee," Brown said.

"You want to get your bachelor's degree, we'll pay for that," Galer said.


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