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Nearly a tenth of this year's Forbes 400 richest Americans are Texans

According to this year's Forbes 400 richest Americans, Fort Worth's Alice Walton has broken the top ten and is the nation's richest woman.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Nearly a tenth of this 2020s Forbes 400 richest Americans are Texans.

DALLAS — Nearly 40 Texans can be found on this year’s 400 richest Americans list from Forbes – and 14 of them are in North Texas.

Fort Worth's Alice Walton tops the list for Texas and is the nation's richest woman, coming in as the 10th richest nationally with an estimated net worth more than $60 billion.

Michael Dell in Austin follows Walton with a net worth of $35.6 billion. At nearly $9 billion, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones rounds out the top three richest Texans.

Other North Texas billionaires include Robert Bass, Ray Lee Hunt and Mark Cuban and more. 

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In total, the 36 Texans on the list are worth $242.2 billion, while the combined estimated worth of the 14 ranked North Texas billionaire nearly topples $120 billion. However, in the past year, while Walton alone has grown her wealth by more than $10 billion, the ranked North Texans lost roughly $1 billion in combined wealth.

As of early August, Business Insider reports that during the pandemic, billionaires in the U.S. increased their total net worth by $637 billion – Jeff Bezos, the nation’s richest person, increased his net worth by $65 billion since last year to $179 billion according to Forbes.

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