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Eggs, meat and electricity: What's inflated the most in North Texas?

North Texas saw a 9.1% uptick in overall prices in May, compared with May 2021.

DALLAS — We're all feeling it at the gas pump.

And the cereal aisle.

And the produce section.

And even the liquor store.

Yes, prices for virtually everything are up in North Texas. And the latest numbers for the federal Bureau of Labor and Statistics, released Friday, showed exactly that.

North Texas saw a 9.1% uptick in overall prices in May, compared with May 2021.

Area prices increased 1.8% from March of this year.

While those overall increases remained in single-digits, the largest inflation areas are hitting North Texans the hardest: Energy prices -- from gas to home electricity -- are up 40.2% overall, and food prices are up 11.6%, year-over-year.

Drilling that down further, prices for unleaded gasoline were up 51.5% from May 2021, and nearly all food categories saw double-digit percentage increases in that same time frame.

North Texas inflation has managed to stay a step ahead of the national average, which was 8.6%, year-over-year in May, according to Labor Department numbers.

The national uptick is the biggest inflation increase since December 1981.

Home electricity saw a major year-over-year increase of nearly 30%.

Here's the full breakdown, comparing year-over-year increases in May:


Cereals and bakery products: 11%

Meats, poultry, fish and eggs: 16.4%

Dairy and related products: 14.5%

Fruits and vegetables: 14.6%

Food away from home: 8.2%

Alcoholic beverages: 4.2%


Renting: 8.8%

Owning: 6.6%

Household energy: 27.9%

Electricity: 28.1%

Utility (piped) gas service: 27.1%

Household furnishings: 4.9%


Private transportation: 21.3%

New and used cars: 13.5%

New cars: 5.7%

Used cars: 15.9%

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