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25-cent Wednesdays? Ultra-discount retailer chooses Arlington for first Texas store, eyes local expansion

Prices at the store depend on the day of the week: On Friday, every item is $7, and then it drops every day until items are 25 cents on Wednesday.
Credit: Jake Dean / Dallas Business Journal
The Arlington location of Crazy Cazboy’s is the company's first in North Texas, and the CEO said he anticipates more locations coming to the area.

Alabama-based discount retail chain Crazy Cazboy’s recently opened a new location in Arlington, the company’s fifth since its founding two years ago.

Created by Founder and CEO John Cassimus, who is also founder and former CEO of Plano-based Zoës Kitchen, Crazy Cazboy’s uses what Cassimus calls a vertically integrated liquidation model on a membership basis to run an ultra-discount brand across product sectors. The store buys products from massive retailers and manufacturers and sells them to consumers at significantly reduced rates.

“Texas has always had a great economy,” said Cassimus, an Alabama native. “It's usually recession proof. I like it out there. I like the consumers and I have experience out there. ... The first location that came available to us was in Arlington. If this goes well — which I'm assuming it will, all the other stores have done extremely well — we'll probably expand.”

The 41,140 square foot Arlington location, which opened last Friday, is the company’s first site in Texas and its biggest space out of its other four other locations in Alabama and Florida. Cassimus said over the next two years he expects to expand to about four stores in North Texas alone, potentially in Plano or southern Dallas. He thinks he can add six to eight stores per year for several more years.

The founder said he hopes the Arlington location will bring in between $7 million and $9 million per year. Each store employs about 50 people and pays $12 per hour, several dollars above the Texas minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. According to company data, the brand sells about 75,000 items per store per week and some customers drive from more than 30 miles away to shop at the store, which brings in thousands of folks per week.

Prices at the store depend on the day of the week — on Friday every item is $7, and it drops to $5 on Saturday, $3 on Sunday, $2 on Monday, $1 on Tuesday and 25 cents on Wednesday, then Thursday is used to restock the store and restart the process. Products sold range in industry and value, spanning from name brand to off-brand household goods, health and beauty products and technology, among other categories.

The store also utilizes a $15 per year membership model, which allows it to use technology to gather data on what type of customer likes specific types of merchandise. If people don’t want

to pay the membership fee, they can still enter the store to shop for a $5 entry ticket. Each ticket is per family or group.

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