DALLAS — A realtor is appealing to those saying they plan to move out of the country if Donald Trump becomes president.

In a post made on May 9, Michelle Blackwell, of the Heritage Real Estate Group in Odessa, posted an ad on her professional Facebook page that reads, "Leaving the country if TRUMP is elected PRESIDENT? Give me a call and LET's GET YOUR HOME SOLD."

Two days after it was posted, it received more than 49,000 shares and 14,000 likes.

It also spurred more than 1,600 comments, including, of course, at least one "I just came here to read comments" popcorn meme and even a few marriage proposals. While some personally attacked the agent, others commended her for the business move.

"This is great advertising," wrote Joseph Crawford.

"Academy Award winner for most creative real estate ad," wrote Carol Holmes Keene.

While she didn't post her own personal stance on Trump, Blackwell wrote the ad was "[a] business thing!"