If you really want to wear your kids out this summer, look no farther than Obstacle Warrior Kids.

“We’re not just turning them loose with a bunch of foam pits or trampolines,” said Ninja Coach Lauren Woodcock. “It’s safe. We have up to 10 ninja coaches on the floor during our busier times.”

They have two locations: McKinney and Farmers Branch. The obstacles here mimic the TV show American Ninja Warriors. They have everything from slack lines and ring swings to a trapeze and the world’s hardest monkey bars!

“Very important life lessons are learned in a small way here,” said Woodcock. “If you work hard, if you do what it takes to get success... then it'll happen."

A three-month summer pass runs about $22 per week.

For young foodies, Sur La Table Knox district offers cooking camps for kids.

“It gets kids out of their shells,” said Resident Chef Kat Nichter, who teaches lessons on nutrition by exposing young people to a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, herbs and spices.

“The more you instill health into children, and proper diet, and how to take care of yourself-- versus having the parents do everything for the children-- this makes them more self-sufficient,” said Nichter.

Kids learn everything from knife skills and how to use kitchen equipment to cooking techniques like baking and sauteeing.

“They have the ability to take a recipe from start to finish and execute it independently, so I'm really excited at that,” said Michelle Hopper whose two children are regulars at Sur La Table’s summer cooking camps.

Five-day camps for kids and teens are $250 for 2 hours per day.

Finally, yoga is the perfect way to keep your kids active, flexible and calm.

“Yoga is phenomenal for kids with ADHD,” said Liza Doll, owner of My Yogi Kids. “It helps with stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques that we teach ... can be universal… at home, during school, during tests,” she explained. “Those are things that kids will use forever."

Yogi Kids in Flower Mound offers more than 30 summer camps. Instructors use games, crafts and fun themes to teach yoga.

“It's really cool to see how we can turn Star Wars into yoga poses,” said Doll, who mentioned one big change parents see in their kids during and after yoga camps.

“They sleep really well,” she said.

My Yogi Kids camps start at $130 for ages 4 and up. There are half and full day options, sibling discounts and an early bird deal until May 1st: Buy two camps, get one free.

For more information on these camps and others: wfaa.com/camps