If you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact this holiday season and you have a cell phone, you could help lift the spirits of an 11-year old girl who is battling cancer.

Family members say Kennedie was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma earlier this year. The stage four cancer requires intense chemotherapy for the San Antonio sixth-grader.

Kennedie’s cousin, who lives in the East Texas town of Orange, wanted to do something to help, so she took to Facebook to solicit photos from strangers.

“So, for Christmas I just really wanted to show her how much she’s loved and all the support that she has, so she doesn’t feel alone,” Kayla Costanzo said. “Within 24 hours, I had well over 100 from all over the world.”

Kayla is accepting the pictures through email and on Facebook. She then prints them out and adds them to a scrapbook that’s almost filled.

“I mean, I would go out and buy 30 scrapbooks if I had to, that way she can have something to look at during her chemotherapy treatments,” Kayla said.

As of Sunday afternoon, Kayla was still lacking photos from Delaware, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Vermont. Photos from those states would complete a collection of supportive pictures from all 50 states.

The scrapbook also includes photos from as far away as Australia, Paris, and Norway.

If you’d like to send photos of support, you can send them to Kayla’s email here: kaylav.costanzo@gmail.com

To follow Kennedie’s journey, you can follow her official Facebook page here.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help Kennedie as well. They’ve already surpassed their fundraising goal, but if you’d still like to donate, click here.