It is always sweet to finish a race.

"This is the medal for finishing the half marathon," Suzanne Stone showed us Monday. But this race just might have been the sweetest of all.

"It felt really wonderful," she said.

The 63-year-old decided this year to run Fort Worth's Cowtown 5K and the Cowtown Half Marathon the very next day. It was a tall order, all things considered. Suzanne has terminal brain cancer.

"I knew if I didn't do it now, I might not have another possibility," she told WFAA in an interview last year after her first time running the half marathon. It was a race she almost didn't finish. She became weak, leaning to her right side, and she had to be helped across the finish line by medical personnel from UNT Health Science Center.

"I really thought, well, that was kind of a crazy idea," Suzanne said.

"But not too long after that she started thinking about doing it the next year," said her husband, Robert.

"I really wanted to do it and not have to be helped across the finish line," Suzanne explained.

So this year, the recent retiree trained. She felt healthy and strong. And so, alongside two of her siblings and two of her nieces, Suzanne not only ran the 5K, but also the half marathon as well.

The best part? She crossed the finish line all by herself -- a much different photo finish than last year.

"Yeah, I'm really proud of her," Robert said, not just for her strength, but the way she's handled her diagnosis.

"You either deal with it or you let it destroy you. And I wasn’t going to let it destroy me," Suzanne said. "I just can't let it stop me from doing things."

So next year, she says, she'll do it again.