If Cyber Monday had a sound, this would be it: the whirring, buzzing and bustling coming from inside the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Haslet.

"It really is like conducting a symphony," says Amazon spokeswoman Allison Leader.

If this is a symphony, consider Cyber Monday one of their greatest concertos.

"We really call this our Super Bowl," Leader says. "Last year, to put it in perspective, customers ordered 64 million products on Amazon.com on Cyber Monday. That’s about 740 items per second."

This Cyber Monday, they gave WFAA a glimpse into how they do it. Inside their facility, which is the size of 28 football fields, area manager Sherry Willenborg says it's a well-oiled machine.

"There are millions of items in this building alone," she says.

Amazon's products first arrive into the facility and are quickly stocked away. But the minute an order comes in, it sets in motion a swift string of events that end with those smiley brown boxes showing up at your doorstep. One of the steps involves robots, which fetch the items for the employees, who then "pick" them and get them ready to be shipped.

"The robots bring it to us, and the humans take the items, retrieve them and take them to the pack line," Willenborg says.

And though it may be all business while they're on the clock this Cyber Monday, even Willenborg admits she's "maybe" been keeping her eye on the best deals.

It's hard not to at least do a little "window" browsing online, searching for deals and steals, one Cyber Monday at a time.