The holidays can visibly transform any neighborhood with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations on the front lawn. However, in one Allen neighborhood a different kind of transformation is happening.

"This is probably one of the worst weekends we've had in a long time," said Chris Zimmerman, a Star Creek neighbor.

Zimmerman is just one of many in the Star Creek neighborhood right across from the Allen Premium Outlets who are fed up. Several residents told WFAA their neighborhood becomes a parking lot during the holidays.

"It just becomes a congestion issue. People get in and they park and park in areas they shouldn't," said Sgt. Jon Felty of Allen Police.

Sgt Felty of Allen Police says Thanksgiving weekend is often times the worst time for traffic around the area on Stacy Road. Felty said the police department manages the traffic in that area and said operations went very smoothly this year.

Felty says it essentially comes down to there being way more customers than there are spaces to park. He says people who can't find parking in the 2,600 spots at the Outlets venture out into the neighborhood. Felty says the police department handed out approximately 50 citations over the weekend.

"You're trying to sleep at night and people are honking and screaming because they're fighting for a parking spot," said Zimmerman.

Residents shared with WFAA pictures that show both sides of the road lined with cars making it essentially a one-way road.

"I didn't even leave my home because of the traffic and wasn't able to get my mail," said Latoya Hazelwood. Hazelwood is a witness from her home to dozens of people parking and then jumping the gate in front of her home.

"There's a metal opening and usually people stand on the lock part and try to climb over it," she said.

WFAA reached out to the outlets in the late afternoon on Monday and did not get a response.

Felty says people even park at the pumps at the Racetrack across from mall and walk over. He says that'll get you towed but the neighborhood is a different issue.

"We can't tell somebody they can't park on a street where the state says you can lawfully park," said Felty.

Neighbors here say they will likely surrender their community every weekend leading up to New least until they say something is done.