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10 great Amazon deals for Valentine's Day

These deals can help you plan a great Valentine's Day on a budget.

A little candy, a little wine and a chance to snuggle up with a loved one.

That's all that many of our Facebook fans want this Valentine's Day, according to comments they shared with us earlier this week.

"A nice quiet evening for the two of us, in our PJs watching a great movie and having Fondue and a nice glass of wine," wrote Tina Nelson Fahrendorff.

"A nice bottle of Chardonnay," added Lynda Daro O'Hare. "No candy for me, would rather just have a hug and a kiss."

If you're also looking to keep things simple this Valentine's Day, or you're on a budget and looking for a great present, Amazon can help. The retail giant has several deals on items that can make your Valentine's Day special.

Some deals may require an Amazon Prime Account. Don't have a Prime Account? Don't worry - you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

These deals were active and in stock as of 5 p.m. EST Saturday, Jan. 27.

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Valentine's Biscotti gift basket, $23.99 (save 11 percent)

Luxury Chocolate-Coated Turkish Delight gift box, $24.99 (save 17 percent)

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine, $20 paperback (save 20 percent)

Simple Modern Spirit 12oz wine tumblers, $17.99 (save an additional 10 percent with coupon)

Oster electric wine opener, $11.99 (save 20 percent)

"Casablanca" 70th anniversary special edition Blu-ray/DVD combo, $49.99 (save $15)

Up to 50 percent off "Timeless," "Outlander" or "The Crown" box sets

For book lovers: up to 80 percent off mystery and suspense titles for the Kindle

Valentine's Day-themed Tribit XFree Move wireless headphones, $32.99 (save 67 percent)

Up to 60 percent off Lark & Ro cashmere sweaters

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