Santa Claus flew down from the North Pole today to deliver gifts to a special group children!
Santa was at the Dallas World Aquarium spreading holiday cheer and handing out presents to foster children.

This is the 11th year employees at the Dallas World Aquarium turn in to Secret Santa's. In lieu of a party for themselves, they throw one for foster children and their caseworkers.

It is a Christmas tradition the children look forward to all year round.

11-year-old Devany called it one of her favorite days of the year.

"Santa Claus gave me a present. He gave me nail polish and he gave me bracelets and he gave me art things," she said with a big smile.

Paula Carlson helps to organize the annual party at the Dallas World Aquarium. She says Child Protective Services gives them the list of children who will attend along with their wish list. The employees at the Dallas World Aquarium then purchase the gifts for the children.

"It breaks my heart to think especially at the Holidays that a child might not have a Forever Home. I hope that whoever is out there looking to give joy to a child or if they have that unconditional love in their life, if they will open their hearts and consider giving a home to a child that would be the most beautiful gift, said Carlson.

Along with presents from Santa, the foster children were fed a big lunch and received additional gifts.

D.J. Brian Prescott with Simply Music donated his time and resources as well. He had everyone out on the dance floor.

Santa says every child at the party was on his "nice" list.