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Make Halloween less spooky for these dogs by adopting one for free from Dallas Animal Services

"Halloween is a fun time for humans, but can be terrifying for pets," says Jordan Craig with Dallas Animal Services.
Credit: Dallas Animal Services
Godiva is looking for her forever home.

DALLAS — Halloween festivities and spooky costumes might be your favorite thing about Oct. 31, but it could be a terrifying night for dogs. 

Dallas Animal Services officials say Halloween is the second most common day for pets to get lost. July 4 is the first. 

“Their human companions are dressed in scary costumes, there are noisy decorations, and trick or treating gives nervous pets plenty of opportunities to run out the door to escape the scary situation,” said Interim Assistant Director Jordan Craig in a written statement. 

Right now shelters are overcapacity and DAS expects more than 400 pets to arrive by the end of the weekend.

The good news is you can make the weekend less frightening for these dogs by adopting one for free through Sunday. 

Free adoptions are being offered at the main location at 1818 Westmoreland Road in Dallas or at PetSmart at 16821 North Coit Road.

If you're already a pet owner, experts suggest keeping your furry friends in a crate during Halloween or away from any festivities, people in costumes and the front door. 

If your pet can't be indoors, make sure you have a secure fence and remember to check on your pet throughout the night. 

DAS is also looking for foster families to provide temporary care for medium and large dogs. Anyone who is interested is asked to meet with staff at the Westmoreland location.

For more information click here. 

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