We all worry about the amount of time we spend on our cell phones, but for hyper-connected parents, there's an added concern.

Can too much screen time from parents have a negative impact on kids?

A University of North Texas student is taking a closer look at the question. Cory Kildare decided to do her dissertation research on how infants perceive their mothers' cell phone use after witnessing a child competing for the attention of one distracted mom in the park.

"They were on the swing, and they were like, 'Push me mommy, push me!' And the mother was standing there on her phone, not even responding to this," Kildare said. "And the kid's just kind of sitting there on the swing like, 'Hey. Push me, mom.'"

Kildare is still looking for people to take part in the study. If you're a mom who owns a cell phone or smartphone with an infant who's 3-6 months old, you can find out more by emailing parentsandphones@gmail.com, or by visiting the UNT website.