Out with the old and in with the new...2019 is just a few days away and we're here to help you get your party started...stress free. Forget searching high and low all over the internet...we've got a quick roundup for all your party hosting needs.

Food & Drink

  • Don't wanna get stuck baking, cooking or buying all the food? Instead of BYOB, why not BYOA? Ask your guests to bring their own appetizers. You'll be able to try everyone's different dishes, it takes the stress off of you and allows you to focus on the drinks or other special elements of your party.
  • If you're a total foodie and don't mind going all out, we found a board on Pinterest for everything New Years Eve party food related...you're bound to find something you and your guests will enjoy


  • Can't make it to the store? Believe it or not there are some decorations on Amazon that will do same-day shipping so you don't even have to leave the house...because what's a New Year's Eve party without the foil number balloons?
  • Set up a photo booth. Prop up an iPad or phone on a tripod in front of your backdrop and let people click away. At the end of the night you'll have an album worth of photos you can share with your guests
  • Re-purpose the glittery, sparkly Christmas ornaments. These make for great decorations, especially if you're on a budget but still want your place to look chic. Oh and if you don't have any from Christmas, everything is heavily discounted by now in stores everywhere
  • Lights, candles, action! Tea lights are your friend...so is the dollar store. Consider getting a pack of votive candles or tea lights and spreading them out throughout your place for a nice evening party feel


  • BOARD GAMES. Can't say this enough. Depending on how big your gathering is, an intimate board game with a few friends could be all you need to make the night entertaining. Consider making a Target run or checking Amazon Prime for some same-day delivery deals on some of the most popular party games
  • Make a prediction box. Ask your guests to write predictions for the next year, aspirations or goals and during dinner or a quiet part of the evening take turns reading each others out to the group