The holiday for one St. Louis man is something he thought he would never see. Lawrence Watson, 33, was told by doctors he had 72 hours to live in October, but two months later he is a living miracle.

"Miracles happen right what better Christmas gift is there than life,” said Watson.

It was in 2014, when Lawrence's health took a turn. But, the fight for his life began when he went to the hospital a couple of months ago. A rare blood disease called vasculitis led to a number of health issues. Lawrence couldn't walk. He lost his vision, survived two heart attacks and underwent 25 blood transfusions. His future seemed all but certain.

"Our first Christmas with my baby back home feel good doesn't it," said his mother Rosemary Watson. “It's a miracle.”

Christmas is now something that carries a whole new meaning.

"God has really blessed us,” Rosemary said.

With a bright future ahead of him, Lawrence's outlook on life is much different. He doesn't take anything for granted, while he remembers to do two things.

"Keep laughing and appreciating the days that come," he said.

Watson has kidney failure. He goes to dialysis for treatment and everything seems to be going good. It's a battle, Watson is winning. And he says it's his faith that allows for him to fight.