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Back-flipping Santa and fireworks accompany tree lighting at Galleria Dallas

10,000 people crowded all levels of the Galleria to watch the tree lighting and skate show.

DALLAS — Galleria Dallas opened on Black Friday for a shopping frenzy, but most people were there to see the tree light up one day after Thanksgiving.

About 10,000 people surrounded the 95-foot tree. It is recorded as the country's tallest indoor Christmas tree. 

The mall put on a skate show before the lights turned on. Olympic Gold Medalist Patrick Chan was featured.

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There was also a skating Santa, known as Missile Toes. His skates shot out sparks as he flipped in the air.

Indoor fireworks also went off when the lights on the Christmas tree were turned on.

For those who missed the tree lighting on Friday, another viewing is available at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 30.

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