CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- When 9-year-old Hayleigh Porrini heard that 13News Now Meteorologist Crystal Harper had cancer, she wanted to do something for Crystal.

Hayleigh and her mom, Kerri-Ann, caught Crystal's announcement during a newscast. (Crystal, by the way, is doing great as she continues her treatment!)

Hayleigh herself had cancer years ago. She survived and she knew Crystal would, too. She told her that as part of a two-page letter, writing: "I know you are strong like me and you will overcome this battle!"

"About halfway through I couldn’t even read anymore, because I was crying so hard," Crystal said.

There was more, though.

PHOTOS: Crystal Harper Meets Hayleigh Porrini

Hayleigh is a gymnast, and she wanted to give Crystal something special: a gold medal she won at a recent state meet.

Hayleigh received medals as a toddler, when she finished each chemotherapy treatment.

“The most incredible thing I’ve ever seen," Crystal said.

On Thursday, Hayleigh made the presentation at Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics School where the two "tough girls" met for the first time.

WATCH: Hayleigh reads her letter to Crystal

Letter from Hayleigh Porrini to Crystal Harper by 13News Now on Scribd