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This North Texas company is restoring kindness one good deed at a time

Dalworth Restoration is on a mission to spread kindness all over North Texas

Whenever Dalworth Restoration tackles a project, it’s because someone asked for help.

So, imagine the surprise, when out of the blue, General Manager Robyn Kent and her team showed up to start a project nobody was expecting.

“It’s that element of surprise,” Kent said. “They don’t know we’re coming. It surprises a lot of people.”

What were they restoring? Kindness.

Each of the last five years, for one entire month, the company and its employees have gone around North Texas doing good deeds.

They show up unannounced.

Each time they do, it changes people.

“It makes you feel good inside,” one customer remarked.

“What a pleasant surprise,” another customer said. “It was a great treat.”

On this particular day, Dalworth paid for coffee and food at Mas Coffee and Zavala’s Barbecue in Grand Prairie. That’s not their only good deed.

Over the past few weeks, Dalworth has bought lunch for strangers, ice cream for healthcare workers and sweets for first responders.

Two weeks ago, they sent semis filled with equipment to Louisiana to help clean up after the Hurricane Ida.

Every good deed comes with a card urging customers to pay it forward.

“I’ll most definitely be paying it forward as well,” said one customer.

“It makes you want to do the same for someone else,” another customer said.

“With everybody restoring kindness, I just feel like it’s going to make the world a better place,” Kent said.

When you’re in the business of restoration, you see some amazing transformations. But Kent hopes, by paying it forward, the most drastic change will be seen in each other.

“I would rather them know us for what we do for our community than what we do as a business,” Kent said. “It’s one thing to do good business. It’s another thing to do good.”

Because kindness is always good business.

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