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Prom goes on for a North Texas family doing its best to mark high school milestones

They were all dressed up with no place to go! But it turns out prom photos of two best friends was a bright spot in quarantine for them and their families.

DENTON COUNTY, Texas — It was a Monday afternoon, which is your first clue that this prom story is a little different. 

From the cellphone video of someone rolling across the street, Dayton Wheeler was seen getting out of his car, and looking a little nervous. He was parked outside the place where he was 'picking up' his date for the evening, a Braswell High School junior.

It was his daughter, Laci. 

The pair hopped in the car and headed to nearby Union Park for pictures with friends, as you do before a big dance. But this time, it was just one friend. Laci's best friend, Elena, who stayed a safe distance away. 

"I’m really happy right now because I haven’t seen her in like a month!" said Laci. "It’s been so long!"

Saturday night's prom may have been canceled, but you can’t let a good dress go to waste! And the photo shoot had everything you’d expect, like silly poses and dad jokes from her mom. 

"This is like a church’s dream prom," said Andrea Wheeler. "You have to have room to keep the bible between you and your date. A big bible."

Still, you only have to look at their adoring crowd to be reminded - this is tough. Laci's grandparents and their family friends looked on from a distance, wearing face masks. But having and sharing this moment with them is so much better than nothing.

Even younger brother Drew Wheeler can see that. 

"I mean, they made the best out of what they could do in quarantine," he said.

Looking back at the photos, you’ve got to hand it to the planning committee, who still made prom special down to the last dance in the living room.


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