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13-year-old professional cake baker uses money to help people in need

Charli Ann Joseph is only 13-years-old, but she already runs her own business while helping others along the way.

Charli Ann Joseph is not your typical teenager. Well, she is except for the part that she runs her own business, 4 Heaven's Cakes. 

When she was 12, she started her own business baking and decorating cakes. Now 13, Charli Ann is baking cakes for almost every occasion. 

“I get to be creative and I have fun,” Charli Ann said.

It’s a skill that runs in the family.

“Her great-grandma was a cake decorator. She made my wedding cake, Charli Ann’s first birthday cake,” said Sarah Cathryn Joseph, Charli Ann's mother. “I think Nanni would be not surprised but I think she would be amazed at Charli’s talent.”

But to understand Charli Ann's full story, you must understand why she wanted to start the business.

“She just is always trying to figure out how she can use her money for good,” Sarah Cathryn said.

Charli Ann started the business with the goal of using profits to help people in need. So far, she's raised funds for mission trips, Christmas gifts, clean water wells, and more.

“I just like, I like helping people,” Charli Ann said. 

“We are incredibly proud, incredibly proud,” Sarah Cathryn said. “I think she’s just truly blessed. God’s given her a gift that a typical kid doesn’t have. It’s impressive for an adult to be able to do what she does, but to be 13 and have this talent is pretty incredible.”

If you are interested in buying a cake you can follow and message her on Facebook or Instagram at @4.heavens.cakes.

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