Candle lovers, rejoice!

Candle scientists have outdone themselves: a new Harry Potter-inspired candle also serves as a Sorting Hat.

Muggle Library Candles of Fort Worth, Texas says their new candle burns to reveal what Hogwarts house to which you belong. The wax first burns white, then "transfigures" to either red, yellow, green or blue, revealing your Hogwarts house.

The candle features a lemony scent with a hint of sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and patchouli.

Sold on Etsy online store, the candle has become so popular that pre-orders have been pushed to February so that current holiday orders can be fulfilled.

Reviewers say the candle more than lives up to the hype. "This candle is absolutely incredible! I was sorted into my house too, Hufflepuff!" reads one reviewer. The candle "is sweet in a masculine way and very exotic in its execution!" writes another customer.