GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas -- At seven years old, Rosalyn Baldwin's life is all about dreams.

"I want to be a veterinarian slash ninja," Baldwin said. She's got an imagination that's as big as her heart.

In 2016, Baldwin was devastated when three police officers were murdered in her home state of Louisiana. She wanted to do something about it.

"I asked my mom like to do this mission, and you said we could send postcards and I said, 'This isn't enough,'" Baldwin said.

They're on a mission to visit at least one police station in every state with open arms -- believe it or not they're halfway to their goal.

Their reception in Grand Prairie took place Wednesday morning. "It's just pure love I saw the love in her eyes, and how she saw all the police officers," said Officer Arnold Parker.

Rosalyn is a pastor's daughter. She's practicing what her parent's preach.

"This myth that all law enforcement are evil that all of them are going to hurt us at some point. They are going to harm us. No, I don't want them to be blackened like that. I don't want them to be brushed with this one stroke," said Angie Baldwin, Rosalyn's mother.

Rosalyn is homeschooled. This year is on the road. They plan to keep traveling for months to come.