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Topo Chico capitalizes on a Texas tradition and debuts its own line of ranch water

Raise a can.

DALLAS — The higher-ups at Topo Chico know you use the popular drink to make your ranch waters. 

So, on Tuesday, they decided to make it official and bring their own version of the classic Texas cocktail to market.

Last year, Topo Chico debuted a hard seltzer. Now, the Coca-Cola-owned brand of mineral water is debuting its own ranch water.

Topo Chico Ranch Water Hard Seltzer is available in Texas grocery stores as of Tuesday. It's the second boozy option for the iconic mineral water brand, following its launch of pineapple strawberry-guava, lemon-lime and mango hard seltzer flavors last year.

How does it taste? Well, we don't know! The Kroger closest to this writer's house was out of stock of every kind of Topo Chico on Tuesday. 

(Don't worry, though: There's not another shortage, best as we can tell.)

What we do know that the best kind of ranch water -- originally a West Texas product made with tequila, lime juice and sparkling water -- is made with Topo Chico, in this writer's opinion. So it  was a no-brainer that Topo Chico's owners at Coca-Cola decided to capitalize on a drink that Texans make for themselves all the time.

“There’s no cocktail in Texas more legendary than Ranch Water," Matt Escalante, senior director of hard seltzers for Molson Coors Beverage Company (that's who Coke tapped to produced and distribute the hard Topo Chico), said in a statement.

The bigger trend here is that every beverage company, especially in Texas, is branching out into other kinds of seltzer or boozy beverages. 

Shiner, best known for its down-the-middle bock, debuted its line of Straight Shooter seltzers in 2020. Shiner has also been experimenting with different beer flavors like the Strawberry Blonde, the Mango Kolsh, Wicked Juicy IPA and Smore in recent years. 

What's more, it feels like every major Texas drink company has a seltzer or ranch water now. There's just so many! 

Lone Star. RancH20. Lone River Beverage Co. The list goes on.

You can find where to get Topo Chico Ranch Water by heading to the company website and clicking "where to buy" at this link. As of right now, it doesn't look like it's available in North Texas just yet -- turns out my Kroger isn't the only one out -- but we're sure we'll be checking back soon.

Oh, and on top of all that, Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman released his own line of healthy beer Tuesday. 

Big day for booze news around here! 

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