New England clam chowder from Water Grill:


1 qt. Clam Juice

0.5 qt. Heavy Cream

1 oz. Diced White Onion

1 oz. Diced Carrot

1 oz. Diced Celery

2 oz. Diced Slab Bacon

2 oz. Flour

2 oz. Soft Butter

4 oz. Cooked Clam Meat

(16) Cooked Whole Clams (In Shell)

4 oz. Cooked Sliced Fingerling Potatoes

2 tsp. Chopped Chives


1. In a thick bottomed pan, “render” the bacon turning it golden brown. Remove

some of the excess fat.

2. Add the vegetables & adjust seasoning. Allow it to cook for 7-8 minutes (or until

vegetables soften). Drain the excess fat from the vegetables & then add the

vegetables back to the pan.

3. Add the clam juice & cream and bring to a slow boil

4. Mix the butter and flour together to create a “roux.” When the liquid boils,

whisk in the “roux” until the chowder thicken and is a smooth emulsion.

5. Allow mixture to cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

6. In the bottom of 4 soup bowls, add the cooked shelled clams and the cooked


7. Then spoon chowder over the top.

8. Garnish with the clams in the shell & the chopped chives. Lastly, add a twist of

freshly ground black pepper.