DALLAS BUSINESS JOURNAL -- Violations like re-serving food after it had already been dished out to another customer earned one Dallas eatery a failing inspection last month.

According to restaurant inspection scores posted by the city of Dallas and pulled by the Dallas Business Journal, El Paisano scored a 60 out of 100 during a routine restaurant inspection conducted Dec. 28.

The eatery, located at 305 S. Carroll Ave., Ste. 100, was also cited for keeping food at incorrect temperatures; having dirty floors and walls; and operating without a valid health permit, among other violations.

As of Jan. 30, the city had not posted a follow-up inspection or new score.

The DBJ pulled city data from restaurant inspections conducted between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25. From that information, we found 23 Dallas eateries had earned failing scores, but only six had yet to have follow-ups or passing scores posted.

You can get more information on those eateries and their violations in the slideshow below or here.

One establishment, Real Mexican Tacos on Emerald Street, has logged two failing inspection scores in the last month, earning a 68 on Jan. 12 and a 64 on Jan. 17. We included data from the restaurant’s most recent inspection.

All information was pulled on Jan. 30. According to the city's website, the inspection data was last updated on Jan. 29.

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Dallas is home to more than 6,000 “permitted fixed-food establishments,” including restaurants, bars and grocery stores, and over 800 “mobile food units,” like food trucks and push carts, the city’s website states. The DBJ evaluates stand-alone restaurants only.

Hundreds of inspections are conducted each month, with each eatery receiving a score out of 100:

59 and below: Unacceptable – Closure, requires re-inspection before opening

69 to 60: Failing – Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days or closure

79 to 70: Passing – Requires re-inspection within 30 days

89 to 80: Good – Requires regular six-month inspection

100 to 90: Very good – Requires regular six-month inspection

Restaurants’ scores can be researched on a database on the city’s website, accessible here. More publicly-available data can be found at the city's open data portal.

Eateries can be docked for violations spanning from the easily fixed to serious health hazards. Between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25, the city awarded 142 restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and other food-serving venues scores of 100, with no violations.

Click here to see the 18 stand-alone restaurants that earned perfect scores during that time frame, arranged by inspection date.