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Quiz: Are you too dependent on your smartphone?

Pop quiz! If you woke up without your smartphone, how would you feel: perfectly fine, anxious, like your world was ending?

If you’re on the latter end, you could have a case of nomophobia—no mobile phone phobia—a phrase coined by an Iowa State University graduate student related to people’s fears of being without their smartphones.

“I was kind of shocked by the number of times people said they would feel naked if ‘I didn’t have my phone today with me,’” Caglar Yildirim said. “As people start relying on their smartphones, they get used to the luxury and convenience they provide and simply don’t want to give up on that.”

Yildirim, with the help of ISU associate professor Ana-Paula Correia, studied that fear created a 20-question quiz designed to determine people's level of dependence. They broke it down into four groups: none, mild, moderate and severe.

Take the quiz below. The rules are simple: 1 = strongly disagree; 7 = strongly agree; if you fall somewhere in between, choose the number that best corresponds with how you feel.

At the end, the quiz will add your scores to determine how severe your case of nomophobia is.

Nomophobia Quiz

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