Brandon Church, 20, grew up in a military family. For him, that meant moving every few years. His stability came in the form of a tiny Pomeranian named 'Chi Chi', the two had been together since he was three years old.

"I really enjoy taking care of her. She's always there. She follows me everywhere, and she barely ever takes her eyes off of me," Church said.

A few months ago, he moved out of his parents home. His parents couldn't take care of the animal anymore and made the tough decision to give her to Recycled Pomeranians, a nonprofit that places these dogs into foster homes.

"I mean, I was losing my dog that I had my whole life. I just kind of shoved it back, I didn't really process it," Church said.

Church's dog was 16 years old and in poor health. He said he didn't think she'd be adopted. That's when just a few weeks ago, he came across this Facebook post, a dog with a different name, a different age but the same familiar face.

"I just saw her face, and I was like, 'Yeah that's my dog, and when I clicked, they renamed her to Peachy, and I was like, 'That's not her name,'" Church said.

It was a volunteer, Robin Van Huss, that put the pieces together. "It just seemed odd for a young person to want to adopt a little elderly lap dog," Van Huss said.

Church wasn't a kid anymore. He's out of his parent's home and has a job, a perfect candidate to adopt a dog of his own. "I feel that he was going to such great lengths to find out how she was, if she was still with us, and actually apply to adopt her back," VanHuss said.

Pictures were taken when the two were reunited just a few weeks ago. A moment that was posted to the nonprofit's Facebook page, and one that has since gone viral.

"I didn't expect to ever see her again," Church said.

"Whatever this young man was going through in his life, he needed that dog there with him, and I'm glad we found him, and I'm glad we did this because they're happy now. She's happy, he's happy, it's wonderful," Van Huss said.