IRVING — The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are mourning the loss of a long time photographer who was hit by a car while cycling in Coppell. He later died from his injuries.

You've likely seen Wade Livingston's work — the glossy photos of the cheerleaders, smiling in beautiful light on the beaches of Mexico. They are the pictures that quickly become fan favorites.

But they also mean a lot to the women, thanks to the man behind the camera.

"Wade always did a good job of making me feel beautiful," said Jennifer (the cheerleaders do not publicize their last names).

"He was one of the kindest, just most humble souls you’d ever meet," Mary added.

Livingston had been a part of the Cowboys Cheerleaders family for the last 16 years.

"He was so much fun, and he made me feel comfortable in my shoots," Caila said.

And Danielle added: "He’s got a keen eye for what he’s doing and his passion; he’s truly talented."

You’ll find Livingston's name in fine print on the corners of the cheerleaders' annual calendar, and in the minds of those who can’t imagine next season without him.

"It’ll be hard," said Danielle, through tears, "...because he’s just a big part of it."

Livingston’s other passion was cycling. He was riding his bike at the corner of Freeport Parkway and Bethel Road in Coppell when he was struck by a car. He died of his injuries one week later, on January 18.

"It was incredibly shocking and hard to get through," said the photographer's brother, Gary Livingston. "He tried to see the good in everybody, and that came through in his pictures, too."

Livingston's family photographs are now treasured memories, through gifts like the photographer's other favorite calendar: He made one for all of his family members each year.

"It’s just kind of a way to show love," Gary Livingston said.

The cheerleaders feel the same way. To them, each of Wade Livingston's photos is a gift he gave, capturing a special time in their lives... all while leaving his own unforgettable image on the women’s hearts.

"We need more people like him, that love what they do," Danielle said.

No charges have been filed against the driver who hit Livingston. His family plans to push for more bike lanes in Coppell to honor his legacy.