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East Texas dog who donated blood to another canine now needs help to save his own life

A Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Stanford, lost his home in December and now he may lose his life.

TYLER, Texas — A friendly Rhodesian Ridgeback dog is trying to find his forever home before it's too late. 

Stanford has lived the last four months inside the Smith County Animal Shelter and in his short 2.5 years of life, he is considered a hero.

"He is a hero dog. He has donated blood to the animal emergency clinic to save another life of a dog," Smith County Animal Shelter Supervisor Amber Greene said.

In exchange for donating blood, Stanford is neutered and fully vaccinated. Plus, he gets free vaccinations every year until the age of 8. 

But being at the shelter has put Stanford’s life at risk.

"The only way they get out is either being adopted, transferred out, or they have to be euthanized," Greene said.

Stanford has spent his life saving lives and now he needs someone to save his. 

Greene said the shelter is constantly picking up dogs and the only way to make room is by euthanizing the dogs that have been there the longest, putting Stanford first in line.

"It's nothing that none of us want to do. We would rather get them into a home or out to your rescue," Greene said.

Stanford has lived a life of hardship. But he has always brought joy to those around him. Now if he doesn’t get adopted, his life of service will end.

To adopt Stanford or other dogs like him you can visit the Smith County Animal Control Shelter Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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