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Udderly ridiculous: Doorbell camera captures cows roaming Houston neighborhood

"Don't have a cow, man."

HOUSTON — One Houston neighborhood had a bit of a cattle conundrum over the weekend.

Neighbors in the Hall Park subdivision of southeast Houston found a small herd of cows grazing in a woman's front yard.

Rosalind Hobgood tells KHOU 11 News that she got a call from one her neighbors around noon on Sunday that told her to look out her front window.

Hobgood says she was getting ready to take a nap when she saw a white cow pass by her side window.

As she opened her front door, there were three more cows grazing and fertilizing her lawn!

"I just started shooing and laughing and taking pictures," Hobgood says. She says eventually the cows had enough of her front yard, then plopped over to another neighbor's for a few hours.

Residents called Houston police and animal control so many times that dispatchers laughed before HPD eventually came out and followed the herd through a park.

One neighbor even brought the cows a bucket of water to help them beat the heat.

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