DALWORTHINGTON GARDENS, Texas -- The thing about corner lots in busy neighborhoods is that they sort of draw attention.

It's a safe bet none are providing more holiday joy, though, than the Kulesz property in Dalworthington Gardens, near southwest Arlington.

Any evening between Thanksgiving and New Year's, a steady stream of gawking onlookers can be found staring at some 350,000 white Christmas tree lights connected by 300 extension cords measuring close to four miles.

“They all probably think I’m crazy, " David Kulesz said.

In his 27th year of decorating his acre-plus piece of suburbia on Rushing Meadow Court, Kulesz says his festive display seem to grow every year.

One doesn't need to look any further than a massive "electrical grid" of sorts attached to the back of a very brightly lit tennis court to figure that out.

"I've got 40 little lamplighters that turn everything else on, but this turns on two-thirds of the lights," Kulesz said, pointing to the meters and sockets.

The family's pool, tennis court, volleyball area, house, trees, and bushes are outfitted from top to bottom.

"It starts in October. I rent a cherry picker and we get to work," Kulesz said. "We also have Merry Christmas penguins, carolers, Baylor, [and] a snowball fight over here.”

It simply isn't the Kulesz household anymore. All 14 homes lining the cul-de-sacs near Dave's corner dress the part, too.

"We probably have a good 600,000 to 700,000 lights overall," he said.

The Gonzalez family slowly drove through the festive display Thursday evening. They were left nearly speechless.

“I couldn't believe it. It’s breathtaking. You come over this hill and it’s like, ‘Wow,”' said mom, Stephanie.

Dave first set up shop in 1990 but would outfit his previous home with lights in the years before that. For the past 17 seasons, the entire performance has been done with a cause in mind.

“My mother had Alzheimer [sic] and she died in 2000," David said. “If you like the lights, give a cause for a cure.”

The display is lit up every night from dusk until 11 p.m. through New Year's, and folks that want to take a look should use Rushing Meadow Court in Arlington or Dalworthington Gardens as the GPS locator.

To find out more about the North Texas chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, click here.