Eddie Posas has taught martial arts for more than 30 years, but it wasn't until recently that he learned what's possible when you truly fight.

"I could never have imagined, never imagined it," Posas said.

A fourth degree black belt, Eddie's childhood hero was Bruce Lee.

With four equally macho sons, he imagined all of his children would share his passion. Until, along came a daughter.

“I was hoping she would, yeah,” Posas said.

“Once my dad threw me in there, it was like, ‘yeah, this is what I like to do,’” said his daughter, Gabriella Corvina.

Aside from the time she quit to pursue acting, Gabriella has been by her dad's side.

Eventually, their passion became a booming family business and, at one point, Eddie owned the largest martial arts gym in Texas.

It was a dream come true. But five years ago that changed when Eddie and his wife split.

After the divorce, Eddie says he just wasn’t interested in martial arts anymore. Because of that, he closed his gym. Which was hard, not just for him, but for the girl who’d grown to love it.

“To see your dad, the man of your life, step away from his passion, yeah that was definitely hard,” Corvina said while fighting back tears.

Not ready to surrender, Gabriella vowed to keep her dad's passion alive. Which is why, along with her brother, she brought her dad's gym back to life. They now own and operates Hands of Steel Academy in Cedar Hill.

It's not as big as the old gym, but her dad's love is back.

Gabriella still wants to be an actress and has even gotten her dad into the acting world. Together they make videos teaching self defense.

“She’s my Bruce Lee," Eddie said. "When I grow up, I want to be just like her.”

And with that, Eddie Posas learned a lesson; the same lesson he's been teaching his daughter all these years.

“If you can roll with those punches, if you can get back up after you’re hurt, if you can keep fighting, you can do anything,” Corvina said.

To learn more about Hands of Steel Academy, visit their website or to view Gabriella and Eddie's self defense videos click here.