GRANBURY, Texas -- The city where Texas history lives has done such a good job preserving it, the town’s old buildings are still very full of life.

Granbury’s historic downtown is still thriving and growing. Despite that, one resident has dedicated her life to turning the place into a ghost town.

“I get some people that laugh, 'oh it’s the ghost girl,’” said Brandy Herr.

Brandy is actually an author and says Granbury is one of the best haunted places in Texas.

If you go on one of her weekend ghost tours, she’ll tell you all about it.

“There’s just all this energy literally in the walls of the square,” Brandy said.

She says Mary Lou haunts the old hotel, 6-year-old Audrey is the resident ghost at another old house, and nearly a dozen other places have former residents who still live there.

In spirit, of course.

Brandy grew up reading books like “Goosebumps,” which explains her fascination with ghost stories. She even wrote her own book about it.

“I’ve experienced stuff myself,” she admitted.

She really lives for the dead.

So much so that some people say she should live with the ghosts in the Nutt House. Seriously, one of the most haunted buildings is called the Nutt House.

“I kinda say it about myself anyway,” Brandy said with a laugh.

Few people are as passionate, but Brandy realized they still enjoy it.

“There are other people like you,” she said.

Which is why she created the Granbury Paranormal Expo to celebrate all things Halloween. The sixth annual event is this weekend.

“It’s like comic con, but with ghost hunters involved,” Brandy said. “Kinda a mashup of all things weird and fun.”

Brandy says it’s okay if you don’t believe in ghosts, just come have fun in the place where history is still very much alive.

The Granbury Paranormal Expo will take place Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 on the Granbury downtown square beginning at 10 a.m. each day.