DALLAS — Danyele McPherson is the Culinary Director behind a new restaurant in a part of town you may have never heard of.

“South Victory is going to be the next destination for people to go to in Dallas to spend the day, not just to go for one experience,” McPherson said.  

That’s right, South Victory. Terry Montesi is the developer behind Victory Park and the newly branded South Victory, within Victory Park –which includes our WFAA TV studio.

So why the change?

Simply put, developers want to make it clear that this development is ready to stand on its own, something that wasn’t always the case.

“The ground plane that is really our domain at Victory was very distressed and stigmatized before we got involved in 012 no question,” Montesi said.

The part of town that starts just south of the American Airlines doesn’t live or die with sporting events anymore. You’ll find more than a dozen restaurants – many of those local. The streets have changed too – all to make the area pedestrian friendly.

“You can come here on a game night and go to Billy Can Can or Emoto two blocks away and never even feel the traffic because there’s such developed infrastructure to handle the cars,” Montesi said.

The potential may be there – but to a certain extent, they’re still unproven. Now with the rebranding underway – the question becomes, just because you build it, will they come.?

“I honestly think what’s happening down here at South Victory now really reminds me of what happened in Deep Ellum about five years ago,” McPherson said.