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Want your own action figure? Doob-licate yourself. Fort Worth store creates 3D figurines

A new store in Fort Worth creates incredibly realistic 3D printed figurines of you.

Remember the days when everyone was snapping grainy photos with their Motorola Razr? Well, Dorothy, we ain't in 2005 anymore.

At a time when everyone has a high-quality camera in his or her pocket, a new store in Fort Worth is taking the 'ole family photograph to a new level.

Doob, a company founded in Germany, creates uncanny, realistic 3D printed figurines of you, your family or even your pets.

Rhonda Felton recently opened Doob's first Texas location in Fort Worth and says some people may feel like ditching their cameras for their own "Doob" after seeing this technology.

"It's the future of photographs, and I think it's just exciting," she said.

Click here for more information on Doob Fort Worth, or to book an appointment. 

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