A custom cowboy hat that is part mink and part beaver fur ordered for President-elect Donald Trump is already finished at a well-known hat factory on the outskirts of Bowie.

American Hat Co. has been in operation since 1915.

The business has designed custom hats for just about any cowboy anyone can name, as well as actors and actresses and performers like Pharrell Williams and the Zac Brown Band.

But when they got a call earlier this month about doing something for Trump, it was a first.

"We've never done a President," says Cody Bates, the factory's operations manager.

Bates says the lightly colored felt hat ordered by the Trump family is shaped in the "Cattleman's Style."

Most of the custom hats in the factor undergo an 18-step process from start to finish that takes up to two days.

American Hat Company in Bowie, Texas
American Hat Company in Bowie, Texas

Trump's hat includes a custom embroidery, and a gold foil stamp. If sold, it would go for at least $2,800.

"When we got the phone call, it was fun. We had people calling each other, 'I'm putting it on Facebook, on this social media.' It was wild," he said.

As first reported by the Wichita Falls Times-Record, Trump admired a custom hat worn by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller during a campaign stop earlier this year. Miller was one of Trump's most public supporters.

After Trump won the election, his son reached out to the company's family, and soon Bates and his 50 co-workers were working on a hat for their biggest client yet.

"Bowie, Texas is a place that is not the biggest on the map. When we get somebody like Donald Trump that wants to wear one of our hats, we'll be more than happy to make it.," he said.

American Hat Company in Bowie, Texas
American Hat Company in Bowie, Texas

The holiday season is their busiest time, with up to 600 straw and felt hats being produced daily.
Trump's hat has yet to be delivered to the family.

American is also planning to do custom jobs for vice-president elect Mike Pence, as well as the Trump sons.